Woman with a Gigantic Tummy Stunned When Doctors Discover What’s Growing within Her.

Since she was a little toddler, Keely Favel had led a hale and healthy life but this abruptly changed when she turned 24. Out of the blues, her belly began expanding at an unnerving rate such that by 2016 she looked convincingly expectant.  Nevertheless, multiple pregnancy tests proved otherwise and doctors dismissed her claims of the “mysterious growth” attributing the anomaly to weight gain. This further deepened the paradox of her ever-growing stomach since all along she had been passionate about living a healthy life by frequently working out at the gym and eating a healthy diet. Even so, Keely was in love with her newfound body shape and in fact, she was delighted in being considered “thick”. Rather than being fazed by her weight, she dismissed it and continued workout even harder.

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