Woman with a Gigantic Tummy Stunned When Doctors Discover What’s Growing within Her.

 Was she pregnant?

Everything from her weight gain, increasing fatigue, swollen belly, and a ten-year relationship with her partner Jamie all seemed to add up to pregnancy. Keely and Jamie were not trying to have a child, making them anxious about the result. But, with Keely growing larger with every passing day, it became clear that she could be with child. After all, everything happening in her life seemed to point towards this direction. Her swollen belly, 10-year relationship with Jamie, increased fatigue and weight gain further cemented her notion that she was expectant. And since they were not yet ready to welcome a baby, it even made her more concerned and perturbed. However, with her stomach becoming bigger every other day, she was convinced that she was pregnant.

Negative Test Once Again…

Owing to everything that was happening in her life, she and Jamie couldn’t help but get surprised after the 1st pregnancy test came back negative. Believing that it could be a false negative, Keely decided to get another test only for it to turn out negative. After multiple tests, Kelly began running out of scapegoats and decided it was time to face her fears head-on.

Nothing Left To Do…

Even though she was terribly frightened of consulting a doctor, it was clear to her that it was the best move. Even after garnering up her courage to see a doctor, her claims were dismissed and she was diagnosed as being just fat.  By now, Keely was beginning to think that there was nothing else she could do.

Passing Out

Even though doctors thought nothing of her condition, Keely was convinced that something was terribly wrong with her body. However, since doctors felt it was nothing serious, she simply ignored it and it didn’t affect everyday life.

She wasn’t pregnant

If Keely was pregnant, then the huge tummy issue should have been resolved after finally giving birth. But her tummy kept growing for months and months! After two years, her stomach kept growing and growing until, one day, at work, she passed out. The GP’s answer was infuriating! Well, that’s where everything gets even more peculiar! If Keely was expectant, she would have given birth by 9 months and her giant belly would get back to its normal size. Unfortunately, this was not the case. On the contrary, her stomach continued to grow for months after months. Two years later, it was still growing and began affecting her well being. One day she passed out at work and the doctor’s explanation was not only disappointing but also frustrating.

Pass out the cause?

After passing out at work, Keely decided to see a doctor who explained it was a consequence of stress. “It was indeed a trying period at work after my doctor said that my passing out was a result of stress”, she noted. With no choice but to accept the doctor’s diagnosis, she kept on with her life though her tummy was getting harder and more sensitive when touched.

Claimed She Was Just Overweight

Despite Keely disregarding her burgeoning stomach, she couldn’t prevent more and more people from taking note. Most believed that she was pregnant and they constantly asked her when she was expecting. All she could say was according to her doctor it was just an issue with weight. “Almost everyone was convinced that I was 9 months pregnant. It was not the first time that people mistook me for being an expectant mum and certainly, it would not be last… They had seen me walking around with a big stomach and honestly I was often asked when I would be expecting” she said. It even became worse when she had to shop for her attires in the maternity section. “I recall shopping for clothes back in 2016 and nothing normal would fit me. I was slim on top and on my legs so only clothes meant for pregnant mothers would fit me.”

Acne Medication

All along, Keely was determined to return back to her normal self but she lost hope after passing out for 2nd time. After visiting her doctor, he said that it was due to the acne medication she had been using despite the fact that she had stopped using over 6 months before the visit. This time, she could help but insist that all this was not as a result of her fatigue, stress or weight.

9 Months gone no baby

“If anyone looked at me, they would have been forgiven for thinking that I was 9 months overdue,” said Keely. However, with pregnancy results turning out negative, it turned into a mystery. After visiting her doctor on one occasion, he still insisted she was pregnant and asked her to get an ultrasound. That’s the moment everything started falling into place.

The Ultrasound Scan Finally Revealing What Was Happening to Keely

Tired of getting ignored and desperately looking for an answer, she showed her giant belly to a doctor and asked him if all she was experiencing could have anything to do with the stomach. The doctor asked her to get another pregnancy test and after it came back negative he asked for an ultrasound.

Struck by Fear

As the radiologist worked around her giant stomach, Keely could tell all was not good from the facial expressions of the doctor. “The screen showed nothing and I could see her eyes filled with horror and surprise”. Her look alone said a lot. After she asked me to consult a specialist, I became panic-stricken but Jamie was by side assuring me that everything would be alright.”

Panic begins to Set in

Little would have prepared them for what they about to see considering that Keely had no known medical problems. Jamie and Kelly were sure something was very wrong but they couldn’t have predicted the reality of things…

What was growing Inside Her belly?

Since the screen showed nothing, the doctor wasn’t sure what was growing inside her and this also raised the probability that her life was in grave danger. It could have potentially been a cyst, tumor or even something else. To be sure, Keely had to take a CT scan. By now, one thing was for sure. She wasn’t pregnant.

The Black Mass

After analyzing the CT scan results, the doctor came back and explained to Jamie and Kelly that it was not a cancerous tumor but a cyst. Keely was then rushed into the emergency room and doctors found out that she had a 25-centimeter thick sac full of fluid and it was attached to the lining of her stomach. This finally explained why her stomach could not stop growing but it also confirmed that she was in grave danger. Due to where it was located and its size, doctors had to rush.

The Look of Shock

She was then referred to a high-risk obstetrics consultant and after one month they discussed available options of handling the cyst. “It’s hard to forget the shock on the doctor’s face after examining me,” Keely said. He noted that it was a massive ovarian mass and there was no option but to remove it surgically.

Signing Her Life Away

“The doctor cautioned me on the possibility that it could be more than one mass attached to other vital organs,” Keely said. Even though she was aware than the antidote was only surgery, she felt as if she was throwing her life away since the nature of the cyst and the effects it had on her body were still a paradox.

4 Weeks Later, She Goes for surgery

A month after the consultations, Keely was ready for surgery. She was understandably scared but she was well aware that it was the only way to return to her normal self. Doctors said that it would take 1 ½ hour but hours came and went.

Five Hours Later…

A surgical operation which doctors estimated to take an hour ended up into a 5-hour procedure. Despite the impatient and agony, they had finally gotten rid of the cyst. I was as big as expected but once weighed, everyone was astonished!

60lbs of Tumor

To everyone’s surprise, it weighed a whole 60lbs which is equivalent to the weight of 6 babies! When she was finally awake, the hospital staff was surrounding her with pictures of what they had removed from her stomach.

The Staff treated her a Celebrity!

Initially, she was perplexed that everyone was surrounding her bed but quickly realized why. “I still recall being disoriented by the anesthetic as they moved back to the main ward with many of them showing me pictures. I couldn’t believe that I had been carrying all that weight all along” said Keely

After The Removal

 Once the cyst was out of her body, she began to realize how it had been affecting her life. “I quickly remembered how preforming the simplest tasks in life walking up the stairs or driving a car had become a burden to me. Losing the cyst brought back my life in its entirety.” Keely joyfully said.

Medical Wonder

Even doctors were amazed by the sheer size of the cyst and they confessed that it was a medical wonder. Even for Keely, she was in disbelief after seeing what was growing in her stomach.

Sternum to Pelvis Scar

Keely now has a 30cm scar all the way from her sternum to her pelvis. However, after the operation was over, she was alright and walking around joyfully excited about starting her new life without the lump. But unfortunately, this brought some changes to her life. For instance, her ovaries were removed but lucky enough, doctors assured her that still could give birth to children.

A Lifetime of Stretch Marks

Despite never having been pregnant, Keely had developed stretch marks at just the age o 28. However, regardless of how bad they looked, she was grateful that she would live the rest of her life free from 60 pounds of a cyst.

She became Slim!

When the family was allowed to see her, they were flabbergasted on how slim she had become. “Their shock written all over their faces had a lot to say. I had practically become half the size I was and it easy to see why they were astonished” she said.

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