Woman Taken Aback After Bringing An Old Ring

Debra Goddard was in crisis: she needed money and couldn’t take out a loan. That’s when she decided to take an old ring into a pawnshop. Left with no choice, it was time to sell her family heirlooms. That’s when her life took a turn. One of her rings, which she bought for just $10 when she was in her 20s. She hoped to get at least $100 for the ring. Surprisingly, she was told that the ring was worth nearly one million dollars!


She Needed Money

Debra needed money quickly so that she could keep up with her bills and other expenses. Without anyone to help her, it was time to sell some of her belongings. That’s when she started going through her jewelry box.


Her Ring

She bought one of her rings when she was in her 20s. Debra was aware that the ring was most likely worthless, but she was still hopeful that she could get some money out of it. Without any other option, she went to a pawnshop to have her ring appraised.


Next Steps

Debra knew that she probably wouldn’t get a huge amount of money from her ring, but she was willing to try. After all, it was better than getting a loan.


The Pawn Shop

Debra went to Sotheby’s, a renowned pawnshop. Her life took a completely different turn. Her ring, which was previously thought to be worthless, turned out to be worth nearly one million dollars.


The Ring’s Value

At the pawnshop, Debra found out that her large ring was topped off with a rare diamond. The ring was made with a 26.27 carat diamond. The appraisal for the ring estimated that it was worth around $957 000. 


More on the Ring

Debra initially thought that her ring was made out of glass, so she was absolutely stunned to find out that it was really made from a diamond.


The Rarity

Not only did Debra find out that her ring was topped with a diamond, but she also found out that this diamond was extremely rare. The odds of her finding it were slim-to-none.


All About the Money

After finding out that the ring is worth nearly 1 million dollars, Debra had to decide what do to with it. How much would her lifestyle change?


Debra’s Shock

Debra was reportedly, and understandably, in shock after finding out how much money her ring was worth. This ring was going to help pay all of her bills and expenses.


A Sudden Fortune

After being asked whether Debra feels lucky for stumbling upon a fortune, she claims that it’s karma. This is her reward for all of the difficult times she went through. She was also able to pay for her mother’s medical bills, which is one of the reasons why she wanted to sell her belongings in the first place.


What To Do Now?

After finding this out, her next decision became what she would spend it on. Would it be a luxurious car, some nice clothes, or otherwise? The first thing she did was to quit her job.


Taking a Vacation

She wanted to go on a trip to Hawaii. Debra also always wanted to go see Celine Dion in concert, but she never had enough money before. 


A Lucky Woman

No one could have guessed that a ring worth so much value would be hiding in Debra’s jewelry box? Debra’s wish is that she would have had the ring appraised earlier. Now, though, Debra is a happy woman who doesn’t need to worry about expenses or bills.


Helping Her Mom

Thanks to the new fortune she’s discovered, Debra is able to help her mom with hospital bills without feeling any extra stress.



Now, Debra doesn’t need to worry about any bills or financial struggles. She’s a very happy woman who can now live the life she wants.


It’s Your Turn!

If you’ve read this and are wondering whether you should get your valuables appraised, now may be the right time!

Written by Sasha Boyce

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