Girlfriend Hires Friend to Catch Boyfriend Cheating

Alysha and Kourbine met on a blind date. At the time, neither of them knew how their lives would turn out or that their story would go viral. They did, however, know that they had a connection from the moment they met. The issue that arised was that they lived in different cities. Alysha was in Arizona and Kourbine was in California. They told themselves, like any other long-distant relationship, that thet would persevere through any problems that would arise. 

Alysha, however, began to suspect when Kourbine was cheating on her. She decided to ask her friend to find out, but things didn’t go as planned. 


Starting the Relationship

Kourbine and Alysha met at a mall, where they decided to go on a date. They made an instant connection and although they lived apart, they seemed to have a stable relationship. Alysha doubted her boyfriend’s loyalty and decided to test him. 


Their Date

Alysha was a hard-working person. Those around her knew that she was determined, competitive, and that she was a good friend. This was reflected in the sport she took part in: college swimming. She and Kourbine had a lot to talk about, considering he ran a fitness business. They originally met online and decided to meet up at a mall. 

Meeting in Person

After meeting in person, they decided they would be able to start a new and healthy relationship. They went to a restaurant in the mall to eat and they made an immediate connection. 


Living Apart

The two were pretty much in a relationship the moment they met. Being long-distance, though, they were bound to run into some issues. Alysha was studying in Arizona and Kourbine was working in California. They knew that their relationship was unique and valuable, but they have never been in a relationship with people in other states. Still, they decided to try it out. 


Problems With Communication

The two were able to get the hang of the long-distance relationship pretty quickly. They weren’t able to dedicate a lot of time toward communication, but they made sure to make an effort. They would spend the free time communication and be able to talk through text and social media. Things changed, however, when Alysha noticed that her boyfriend was no longer communicating. 


Doubting the Relationship

Alysha started having doubts after she and Kourbine went to a family getogether in Las Vegas. They tried to spend most of their short time together and after going to a club, she noticed that a lot of women were hitting on her boyfriend. 


Testing Their Relationship 

After the Las Vegas fiasco, Alysha wanted to test whether her suspicions were true. She developed a plan and asked her friend Paula to ask Kourbine out. She paid Paula $50 after she agreed. 


Unfortunate News

Alysha waited for her friend to tell her what happened. She wanted to know whether Kourbine was actually faithful. After several hours, she hadn’t heard anything from Paula. She tried to stay optimistic and Paula responded the next day. Paula then let Alysha know that Kourbine was cheating on Alysha, and that he and Paula had slept together. 


Different Directions

Alysha was hurt and betrayed. Kourbine wasn’t faithful to her and she knew that she had to bring the relationship to an end. They had been together for a year by then, but she couldn’t trust him. 



Alysha needed to get closure because of how quickly the relationship ended. Kourbine told Alysha that he had always been faithful, but Alysha had proof that he hadn’t been. They both needed closure and wanted to end things differently. 


Going on Second Chance

Slysha and Kourbine decided to turn to Second Chance, which is a show on Snapchat. Second Chance is a show that focuses on relationships and, like the name of the show suggests, provides them with a second chance. It provided them with the oportunity to get on the same page. 


Confronting Kourbine

When it came time to go on the show, both Kourbine and Alysha were nervous. Alysha started the conversation brutally, being on the offense. She told him that she knew about what happened with Paula. 


Claiming Innocence

Despite having proof of his infidelity, Kourbine stuck to his story. He said that while he did go out with Paula, they only went to dinner for business. They talked about trading exposure on Paula’s Instagram for free training with Kourbine’s fitness business. He said he never cheated. 


Cast Aside

Paula was considered to be the “third wheel” in Kourbine and Alysha’s relationship. While Alysha trusted her with their friendship, it turns out that she trusted the wrong person.


All About Trust

The concept of trust, in this case, was a subject of reflection. It is the foundation on which relationships are built and once trust is broken, it’s extremely hard to recover. In this case, Alysha’s trust was extremely damaged. 


Coming to a Conclusion 

Paula was invited onto the show to share her side of the story. Paula kept the money that Alysha paid her and admitted to lying about Kourbine. Both Alysha nad Kourbine were shocked about this. 


About the Lie

Both Kourbine and Paula were shocked that their friend was lying to them. Alysha decided to tell Kourbine that she paid Paula to test him. Kourbine was hurt that she would go this far.


Being Honest

Alysha decided to be honest with Kourbine and came clean about why she was suspicious of him cheating. They walked through her insecurities toward the relationship and admitted to feeling badlt. Kourbine began to understand what happened and started looking at things through her eyes. 


More on Paula

Alysha and Kourbine then turned toward Paula. Alysha was angry with her about what happened and started calling her names. Paula admitted that she wanted to break the couple up and lied to do so. 


All About Mistakes

The three tried to evaluate how they could move forward. Alysha and Kourbine accepted that both made mistakes and Alysha knew that Kourbine was trustworthy. Paula explained her side of things and apologized about what happened. The couple decided to get back together. 


Their Real Second Chance

The couple decided to give themselves a real second chance, much like the purpose of the Snapchat show. They picked things up where they left off and were considerably angry with Paula for what she did. 


Coming to an End

With Paula out of their lives, the couple was able to start their relationship over. They didn’t last long, though, because their views on the relationship had changed considerably. They were able to end their relationship on a more positive note. 

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