Surrogate Mom Thinks She’s Having Twins, Then the Unthinkable Happens

The surrogate mom 

To most of us who are parents, having a baby is a dream come true. I mean, it not only gives us someone to nurture, love and carry our family name but also conjures a strong feeling of joyfulness and security. Unfortunately, many parents struggle to conceive. When this happens, the services of a surrogate mother can potentially salvage the situation. For one lady, being a surrogate mom sounded fascinating and enthralling. Coincidentally, she and her husband were running low on their savings, and who knows what? Surrogacy was offering a handsome financial reward. However, everything got out of hand, and the whole surrogacy endeavor became messy. And do you know why? Well, for reasons nobody could have imagined even in their wildest dreams. 

An average American woman 

Jessica Allen was a typical American parent, happily married with two beautiful children. However, after moving into their new house, everything went from bad to worse. She and her husband were finding it challenging to keep up with the bills. After coming across adverts looking for surrogate mothers, she felt it was an opportunity to solve their financial woes. Unfortunately, that was the genesis of the drama. 

A difficult Decision

When she settled on the decision to take up surrogacy, everyone from her husband to her family weren’t sure if she had the emotional stability to cut ties with the baby after it was born. But Jessica was convinced she had what it took to brave the whole undertaking. And perhaps that’s why she couldn’t envisage what was about to come. I mean she simply had no idea of the emotional attachment she and her baby would later develop. 

Hubby Not Happy

To say the least, her husband Wardell wasn’t pleased with her decision. He was genuinely worried that she would develop strong bonds with this child, considering how much she loved and protected their two children. Moreover, the couple wasn’t allowed to make love before Jessica was medically pronounced pregnant. When she became expectant, the first ultrasound left everyone dumbfounded!

And Then There Were Two

When she went for her first prenatal checkup little did she know the surprise that awaited her? AS the doctor was performing the first ultrasound, he noticed something odd. And not in a bad way. I mean, there were two heartbeats. And you know what that means. She was pregnant with twins! When the doctor informed her, Jessica was dazed and at the same time beaming with excitement. In her excitement, she lost no time informing the surrogate couple.

Bonding Time Is Granted

In their pre-birth discussions, the couple surrogate granted her an hour to bond with the babies after birth. Jessica was grateful for the chance to bid goodbye to the lives she had been carrying for nine months. Furthermore, she loved babies, and this was definitely going to be a nostalgic and sentimental episode of her life. However, after giving birth, everything changed. 

Spot the Difference 

After giving birth to twins, Jessica immediately noticed something strange, or should I say peculiar? The faces of the boys were not adding up, but she quickly brushed those thoughts and concentrated on her bonding. But every time she glanced at them, she felt something wasn’t right. Her bonding hour flew past her eyes, and she reluctantly handed over the babies. As they went away, she was sure… Something wasn’t right! 

Sweet Farewell

Against her wishes, she bid goodbye to the twins. At first, it was trying, but as time went on, she started gaining her normality. After all, she had helped a couple have a child, and that alone was enough to make her feel good. Little did she know that wasn’t her last feeling? One day, her phone rang, and after reading the message, her heart sunk.


The biting message came with a photo attachment. After scrutinizing it, her fears were slowly dawning on her. How could she not have seen this coming? What she wasn’t aware of, was a battle for her life had just been declared.


The message read, “They are not the same, right?” After all, she was not the only person puzzled by the babies. Fear froze her as reality bubbled on her face. And before she could digest that, another came in. This one posed an even more emotional question. 

The Truth

It read, “Have you thought about why they are different?” She instantly realized what was happening, but it didn’t lessen the pain of what she was dealing with. In fact, it worsened everything. She couldn’t come into terms how that could be possible, but she knew it was time to brace for the storm that was brewing. But what was her mistake?  

Glaringly Obvious

One twin resembled her husband, Jasper. As she thought of what this could mean, fear paralyzed her, but she brushed that off. She simply could bear the fact that her fears had been confirmed. However, she was dying to know the truth. 

DNA Tests Are Called For 

Discussions on the way forward went on with the mother via chats, but the two ladies knew only one thing could solve the mystery. After lengthy discussions, they settled for a DNA test. This further confused Jessica, more so when she thought of how many possibilities there were.

Suspicions Confirmed


DNA results hammered the last nail in the coffin of her fears, and the utter gravity of the situation weighed heavily on Jesicca. Every mother’s scariest nightmare had just crossed the boundary from a dream into real life. I, mean, she had unconsciously given her baby away, and this realization was more than she could handle. 

The Results

It turned that one twin was their biological child and no one could believe it not even the doctors. This simply meant that after the embryo of the other parents had been implanted, Jessica continued to ovulate while pregnant and she conceived one of the babies she had been carrying. And that’s where mysteries began to appear. 

Letting It Sink In

At first, she and her husband were astounded. What would they do? A few months ago, they were in financial ruin, but proceeds from the surrogacy had flashed a gleam of hope. Then they realized they had a baby and joy overwhelmed them. Unfortunately, this feeling never lasted. The other couple dropped some shocking news! 

Baby with a Price Tag

After asking for their baby, the couple demanded that they reimburse the $22,000 they had received or go through the legal process of adopting the child. That’s where the situation jumped from the frying pan into the fire. They accused Jessica of not following the due process when conceiving and threatened that she would never set eyes on her child. These accusations threw her into sheer confusion, but the truth was about to come out. 

Crooked Counsel

The surrogate couple confessed that their lawyer had told them that she was about to sue them for the custody of the child. But this was a lie. Jessica never contemplated suing them. All she wanted was her baby back. Fortunately, there was the proverbial “happy ending” to the whole situation.

The Happy Family and friends 

After deliberations on both sides, Jessica and her husband go their baby back. By then, the awesome boy was five but wasn’t aware of the tumult he had brought to the entire world. Even so, they loved him and what mattered was, he was where and with whom he belongs. 

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