A 60-Year-Old Grandma Eclipses a Dance Talent Show with Incredible dance Moves, Then This Happens

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

To most people who don’t subscribe to society’s default rules, age is nothing but a number. One such person, Shirley Clement never let social stereotypes curtail what she could do. I mean, though she is a pensioner 60 years of age, nothing makes her tick like dancing. And it has been that way since Shirley was a tender girl. She liked everything about it, and even as she aged, nothing could shake her adoration for dancing. As we speak, she is a dance teacher for high school students but what she decided to do in a talent show left everyone gasping for air. And it never stopped there. Her famous act culminated into making a worldwide star which landed her an appearance on the well-known and popular Ellen DeGeneres Show in a segment where Ellen looks for amazing people on the internet so that the general public can learn a thing or two about them. 

Dance Instructor

Unlike most American women at her age, Shirley has found peace of mind teaching high school students how to dance. And we are not just talking about classical dance styles like tango and ballet. Her passion is contemporary dance styles which further heightens how amazing she is.  

Elderly Woman

Typically, many of us expect women at the age of 60 to spend the majority of time relaxing, housekeeping of gardening. Buts that’s not cut for Shirley. According to her, she has never found comfort in leading a quiet life which is why she would rather spend quality time with kids. 

High School Students

To Shirley, all that makes sense is talking to kids and teaching them what she knows best. And that makes it easy to see why teaching dance moves to high school students is the best job she could find to spend time doing for the rest of her life. Unlike what you would have expected she doesn’t just teach armature moves. Her job goes beyond that to teaching groovy moves that kids can showcase in talent shows with tremendous success. 

The Talent Show

Everything began when Shirley’s local high school students wanted to audition for a talent show competition. She quickly grabbed the opportunity to ensure that her dear grandkids would have the best dance performance in the entire competition. 

Big Plans 

What the dance club students never knew was that Shirley wasn’t planning on being a passive supervisor. In her mind, big plans for the competitions were brewing, and no one ever saw what she was planning on doing coming. 

Start The Music!

When Shirley got on stage, everyone was sure something great was about to happen. She grabbed the mic and asked the “DJ” to “hit it.” Without warning “Uptown Frunk” by Bruno Mars blared through the speaker, and she asked her dance crew to join her on stage. 

The Crowd is Excited

As the started scaled the staircases to the stage, the crown was saturated with anticipation. After all, everyone would look forward to seeing what dance moves a 60-year-old grandma would make on the stage. Little did they know what was about to happen was beyond their expectations. 

Groovy Moves

As “Uptown Frunk” was blasting through the speakers, Shirley the grandma joined her dance crew. Surprisingly, she didn’t just know one move or two. I mean, she was fully engrossed into the choreography and was making every move the students did. 

Hitting Every Single Note

After all, she was the architect of the entire choreography so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she was outperforming most of her students. As a result, the audience was struck by awe, plus her crew was hyping her up. 

The Center of Attention

Unlike most women in her age bracket would rather spend their days aging slowly at home, it wasn’t the case for Shirley. Her dance moves were not only electrifying, but she also stole the show and became the center of attention. 

Younger Days

Shirley confessed that the reason she had a strong admiration for dancing was that it took her back when she was young, and all she would do was go to the disco and dance. Is this not amazing for a person of her age? 

Awesome Moves

Though the audience was mesmerized by Shirley’s unrivaled moves, the best of her was still to come. The iron lady had a card up her sleeve, and she was determined to use it and steal the show for her and her dance crew. 

 Risky Move

The dumbfounding thing about her next move is that even the most hardened adrenaline junkies would think twice about doing it. Even so, Shirley was not ready to let fear overcome her will, and she was ready to do it for everyone to see. 

Everybody Drops

Out of the blues, the audience started dropping. They were going crazy because they were sure something extraordinary was about to happen. 

The Special Move

She got up from the floor and made the first headstand as other members of the crew joined her. Can you come into terms with that? The killer move everyone was anticipating was just a headstand? Well…

 Spinning Headstand

Shirley never made just a headstand. She got into a spoon too, and most of us will accept that’s an extraordinary fete for an elderly woman like her. 

The Crowd Loses It!

Everyone in the audience, including her students, was awestruck when she began doing the head spin. But can you blame them?

Going Viral

The video of her head spin went viral garnering over a million views on YouTube in just a day. However, we should not be surprised by this considering that Shirley is a special lady. 

Awesome Show

In light of this, we can say one thing for sure. Shirley is not just a great dance instructor, but also an unrivaled dancer. 

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