This 92-Year-Old Grandmother Is a Real-Life Superhero.

Meet Johanna

Ask anyone who has been around for a while, and they will bear me witness that the saddest thing about aging is giving up your passions. More often than not, this includes physical activities that we relish and hold dearly. However, to a unique breed of people, age is nothing but a number. And they are determined not to let it become the stumbling block between them and their favorite activities. Johanna Quaas, a 92-year-old lady, is one such person. All her life, she has been a dedicated gymnast, and though she is close to achieving the century milestone, she still trains with the vigor and stamina of a teenager. Amazing, right? Well, that’s why today’s post is dedicated to telling her incredible story. 

Young Energetic Girl

Johanna is quick to confess that since she was a tender, gymnastics was all she could think and dream of. Everything started when her mother enrolled in a gymnastics class when she was barely, and since then, she has relished and adored the sport. 

Tough Competition

Even when she was a little girl, she knew that this newfound passion would take her places. As a result, she was never contented with just learning gymnastics. I mean, she went ahead and entered several competitions in her home country of Germany from which she earned several awards, and she has the medals and trophies to prove it. 

Training Hard

All along, Johanna has been training like a horse, and unlike older women of her caliber who would sit comfortably at home dealing with household chores, she has chosen to continue pursuing her passion. And it doesn’t end there; she does it with the determination and resilience of a teenage girl. 

Still Competing

Another incredible thing about Johanna is that she hasn’t lost her competitive spirit. Even at her age, she is still enrolling in competitions. From the look of things, she might have to get a bigger trophy room since few if any women in her category have the stamina to keep up with her antics. 

The Crowds Go Wild

The best thing about seeing her perform is how audiences go wild whenever she begins doing her maneuvers. After all, nobody expects to see a 92-year-old lady impress them with the energy and grit that she usually portrays. 

Power of Will

If you are a sports person, you will bear me witness that the most challenging thing about gymnastics is having powerful core strength. And though this is where everything gets tricky for most people, it’s a walkover for Johanna, and none of it seems to disappear any soon. In fact, it should not come as a surprise if she gets stronger.

The Secret

Anyone who sees her performs is awestruck and left craving to learn her secrets. Fortunately, Johanna is not a selfish person. I mean, she is always ready to tell her admirers and fans that everything comes from her special diet.  

Delicious Vegetables

Amazingly, Johanna says that her diet is only rich in vegetables and nothing special. Perhaps, that’s why she has remained active even in her 90s. Intriguing! Right? Well… after all, who would have ever imagined that eating vegetables can make anyone so strong? 

Full Of Energy

If you thought it all ends at being skilled gymnastics, you are wrong. She is also filled with vigor and energy, and this is evident whenever she performs. And that’s what amazes people since she seems to be the proverbial “forever young.”

Average Grandma

Add everything together so far, and we can all come to a consensus that Johanna is not the ordinary grandma. Anyways, what would you think of your granny if she started performing headstands and winning in gymnastics tournaments? 

Forever Young

If there is a lesson we can learn from her, is that everyone needs to start taking on life with vigor and a healthy attitude. I mean, we would all get happier if we concentrated on fulfilling our dreams rather than just dreaming about them in our beds. 

Tens of Awards

As mentioned earlier, Johanna has auditioned for several tournaments and won a ton of trophies and models. The ones on the picture above are just a drop from the ocean. Ask Johanna’s husband, and he will confess that all of her trophies and medals are so many that they can fill an entire book library. 

Proud Family

One more thing about her that is worth mentioning is her family is pleased to be associated with her. To her daughter, she is the most significant symbol of inspiration while her husband is delighted that she is still pursuing her passion even when all the odds are stacked against her. 

Family Time

Unlike most us who would spend family time over dinner, Johanna would prefer taking her daughter to her training and exercise sessions so that she can teach her new tricks and skills. 

Incredible Strength

If you carefully inspect the pictures we have posted of her, you can’t help but wonder if she is stronger than most young adults. Anyway, how many people have you heard of that have achieved what she has been doing?

Stretching is paramount 

When a fitness magazine interviewed her, Johanna confessed that stretching was her most important and useful exercise. She also advised any older woman would like to live an active life never to forget stretching and flexing their muscles.

She Also Teaches

If you are still not convinced that Johanna is one of a kind, you should bear in mind that she is also a trainer for aspiring gymnasts. Isn’t that amazing enough?

Super Hero

Taking everything into consideration so far, we can safely deduce that she is a real-life superhero. Not yet convinced? Well, the next picture of her will definitely make you!


If you still have doubts that she is a superhero, this pictures is worth more than a thousand words. 

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