Woman Takes “Old Ring” to a Pawn shop for appraisal and She Discovers the Surprise of Her Life

Meet Debra

Let’s face it! We’ve all ran into financial difficulties, and that’s exactly what happened to one woman in the UK. Unfortunately, her problem came with a nasty twist such that no bank could lend her a loan. Seeing that she had exhausted her options, she decided it was time to begin selling off precious heirlooms that had been in her family for so long. Being cautious to sell the less valuable items first, she started with a ring she had bought for 10 dollars when she was 20 hoping to cash it for at least 100 dollars. Surprisingly, the ring’s appraisal value was close to a million dollars! The lady on this picture is Dobra Goddard, and she’s going to be the center of our story. After reading her story and learning how much her “old worthless ring” is worth, I bet you will also feel the urge to get your family heirlooms appraised. I mean you could be sitting on a gold mine!

Running Out Of Money

Dobra Goddard was in desperate need for money to pay her overdue bills and rent. But since she had no one to bill her about, she took the painful decision of selling her family heirloom. It was a hard choice, but there were no options left.

Old Ring

When she was 20. Debra bought a beautiful ring for ten bucks. After running into financial difficulties, she decided to sell it off. And though she felt it could be worthless, she hoped to get at least a 100 bucks banking on its elegant design. And that all she needed to pay for her rent. 

Taking a Risk

Despite Debra feeling that she would get almost nothing for the ring, she was ready to take the risk since it would cost her nothing. After all, there were no more choices left for her. 


Since she wanted an honest appraisal, she decided to take the ring to Sotheby’s a reputable auction house to ensure that no mistakes would be made. When she was told how much it was worth, that’s when her life changed for good. 

Shocking Moment

When Dobra handed the ring to the appraiser, he was shocked. He immediately knew that the big diamond ring Dobra had handed him was worth a fortune. 

Diamond Ring

All along, Debra had thought that the shiny section of her ring was made of glass. Surprisingly, it was a real and high-quality diamond. Can you imagine? She had been keeping this supposedly worthless ring in her jewelry box all this time. 

Rare Diamond

Moreover, the diamond on Debra’s ring was not just big. I mean, it was a rare diamond. According to Sotheby’s appraiser, it was a whopping 26.27-carat ring. Surely, this is not a dream anyone gets to dream often. But it was happening right in front of her eyes!  

Getting Rich

With no doubt, Debra was on a highway to becoming a millionaire. Out from the blues, she no longer needed to secure loans from friends or even banks. Do you have any idea how much the “old worthless” was worth?

Close To One Million Dollars

If you guessed a million dollars, you came close. The value of the ring was a whole $957.000. Like anyone else, Debra was in shock when she learned that. She simply couldn’t come into terms with the fact that her ring had magically solved all of her problems. 

Rich Woman

Like you can see in the picture, she was overly excited. After all, her decision to have the ring appraised was right. All she regretted was that she never took it early enough. 

Lots of Money

Now that Debra is a rich woman, the question that remains is what is she going to do all that money? Is she going to buy a sports car? Or will she spend it all on nice clothes?

Taking a Break

Against most people’s expectations, she decides to quit her day and take time to think about what she would do with her money. But first and foremost, she wants to take a trip to Hawaii and bask in the adulation of the golden sunshine as she sips a pina colada on the beach. 

Celine Dion

When Debra was young, she had always dreamed of attending Celine Dion’s concerts, but unfortunately, she could afford the money to pay for tickets. But now she had more than she could spend, she decided to have a private concert just for herself. 

Good Karma

When asked whether she considered herself lucky, Debra responded that she felt it was all karma. She had faced a myriad of difficulties from her mother getting sick to sinking into financial troubles but now rose against all the odds and ultimately had the last laugh. 

Sick Mom

Besides paying her overdue debts, Debra also wanted to buy expensive medicine that her ailing mother was taking. Luckily for her, money is no longer going to be a problem. 

Happy Woman

From the look on her face, Debra is finally a happy woman. Overdue bills and medical expenses will certainly never prevent her from living a happy and satisfied life. 

Getting Lucky

I bet this story has got you thinking about getting your family heirlooms appraised. That’s commendable. Perhaps, you could also be sitting on a gold mine. Who knows unless you find out? 

Happy Ending

After so many troubles, there was a silver lining on the dark cloud of doom that hand over Debra. However, all that changed for the best, and she has promised to give a large portion of her money to her favorite charity as a way of saying “thank you” for the good karma.

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