Rare Historical Photos That Will Give You Chills

A priest praying for the Titanic victims Titanic (1912)

As the common phrase of true love goes, “and they lived loving each other forever and after that…” the mention of the name Titanic rings a bell to almost everyone’s mind more of with the thought of a love story that ends not in the positive expectation of all but in the saddest way ever. Most people know the story about the Titanic disaster from how it began and its sad ending, but this is a rare photo that very few have seen or rather talk about. It shows a priest (Thomas Roussel David Byles; 26 February 1870 – 15 April 1912) praying over the victims of the Titanic in a funeral for the dead being buried at sea.

Speers and Hitler mesmerized by the Schwerer Gustav – the largest artillery gun used in combat (1941)

The Schwerer Gustav gun, the largest-caliber rifled weapon was named after the head of the Krupp family. It weighed over 1344 tons, 12 meters tall, 7 meters wide and 47 meters long. With all this weight and size it had to be disassembled and attached to a rail car for easy mobility and at least not to destroy the tracks as it moved on. As mighty as it was, the Gustav was in action for a minimal endeavor. To be precise, it fired a total of 330 shells before being captured. This rare photo shows Hitler, Speer and the generals inspecting the Schwerer Gustav (translated in English as the heavy Gustav), and word goes, “a picture is worth more than a thousand words”- they are truly mesmerized.

The only woman in history to defeat Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth. You go Jackie Mitchell! (1931)

To most people, especially in America, Baseball is a “pass time” bat and ball game played by two striving-to-win teams batting and fielding in turns. In addition, more people have become world celebrities due to their professional level of playing this great game that a lot of people find its rules highly confusing. As a matter of fact, the rules are far much hard to understand. In the history of baseball, Babe Ruth was a professional baseball player who spanned more than 20 seasons in the Major League Baseball (MLB). On the other hand Lou Gehrig also a professional baseball player played about 17 seasons in the MLB. Striking out either of these two highly-rated professional baseball players in history was no easy ordeal but this rare to see the photo is of Jackie Mitchell the only female in history to strike out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. The 17-year-old faced Ruth on the first batter then Lou Gehrig on the second striking them both out.

The only known photo of a living Quagga at the London Zoo (1870)

The Quagga is clearly distinguishable from the common Zebra for its unique pattern of brown and white stripes on its front body and an almost plain brown rear with no visible stripes. This physically making it looks more horse-like. Most people associated the Quagga to being a genetic combination of a zebra, horse, and donkey. Scientists classify it as a subspecies of the plains zebra. This was possible because they lived commonly in the plains of South Africa before becoming extinct in the late 19th Century. This rare picture was taken in the London zoo, and it’s the only proof of a living Quagga as they exist no more.

Racing Cars on the top of a Roof at the Fiat Company in Turin, Italy (1923)


The Fiat company factory was completed in 1923. It is one of its kind automobile factories to date which was built from the ground with a spiral assembly leading to the rooftop of the factory to a test track. The racetrack still exists to date but not in use for its initial purpose. Meetings and cars showcasing are common actions in the current days. This rare photo shows racing cars on the roof of the Fiat Company back in the history of 1923.

Elephants know how to have fun. Just ask Queenie, the first one to water surf (Circa 1950)

History lovers popularly know Queenie as her owners Marj and Jim Rusing named her as the only water surfing elephant. Marj and Jim Rusing owned a tourist attraction site in Florida, and as any other entrepreneur would do, they expanded their boundaries. They trained their elephant in water skiing to attract more admissions into their destination. Queenie proved to be so good for the task until his demise when she was put down after being attacked by a chronic disease. This rare photo shows Queenie doing what she enjoyed doing best- water surfing!

Niagara Falls during the great freeze in the winter of 1911

The Niagara Falls surely does freeze during winter. Both the falls and the water below do not freeze completely but forms a solid hard ice rock above with cold chills of water flowing below it. People in the old days used to walk across the “ice bridge” as the hard rock of ice was commonly referred. Nowadays it is prohibited to walk across the bridge later after illegalization of this risky adventure in 1912. The frozen ice broke and killed three tourists. This rare photo in history shows the Niagara Falls great freeze in the winter of 1911 creating an eye-catching naturally formed ice sculpture.

Elvis Presley in the Army, 1958

Meet the young Rock and Roll Music star, Elvis Presley, who was a national celebrity before joining the US Army. His fame and success were recognized by teachers, parents, and religious leaders who saw his deeds as a good thing. Presley was offered a chance to enlist in the army precisely to entertain the troops, but instead, he opted to serve as a US Army serviceman or rather a regular soldier. He served for approximately two years from March 1958 to March 1960. This rare photo is of Presley in the official army combat where he earned himself a lot of respect from fellow soldiers and the American nationals.

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