When A Woman Sees Strangers with Her Dog, She Devises an Ingenious and Cunning Plan to “Steal” Him Back

When Jess Gary saw what looked like her stolen dog, she couldn’t believe her sight. However, after taking a second look, she was sure of what she was seeing. A woman and a man were strolling along the park with her dog that had been mugged right from her hands a few days earlier. When Jesse saw and recognized her dear pet, she couldn’t resist the urge of taking it back regardless of the ramifications that could come back to haunt her. Did they think that they could get away with it that easily? Well, not as far as Jess was concerned. All along her dogs had been the source of Jess’s joy and pride more so Fidel a fifteen-year-old Chihuahua who had occupied a special space place in her heart.  

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