Woman Takes “Old Ring” to a Pawnshop for appraisal and She Discovers the Surprise of Her Life

Meet Debra

Let’s face it! We’ve all ran into financial difficulties, and that’s exactly what happened to one woman in the UK. Unfortunately, her problem came with a nasty twist such that no bank could lend her a loan. Seeing that she had exhausted her options, she decided it was time to begin selling off precious heirlooms that had been in her family for so long. Being cautious to sell the less valuable items first, she started with a ring she had bought for 10 dollars when she was 20 hoping to cash it for at least 100 dollars. Surprisingly, the ring’s appraisal value was close to a million dollars! The lady on this picture is Dobra Goddard, and she’s going to be the center of our story. After reading her story and learning how much her “old worthless ring” is worth, I bet you will also feel the urge to get your family heirlooms appraised. I mean you could be sitting on a gold mine!

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