A paramedic, dressed as Batman, escorts a little girl to kindergarten after bullies gave her a black eye

No action taken after reporting to the school principal

According to Fox 10, Erica reported the incident at her daughter’s school, but no action was taken. Lydia, terrified by these brutes, finally ended up not wanting to go to school anymore. However, the help came at the right time when an unexpected Good Samaritan stepped in. Jack Asbury, the local imitator of Batman. Jack Asbury, Erica’s friend, contacted her and asked if he could accompany her daughter to class. Mr. Asbury, who works as a paramedic in Citrus County, went on Facebook to share the reasons why he decided to help the girl. “  I was heartbroken when I saw her mother’s post  ,” says Asbury.  “She was so brutalized in school that she did not want to go anymore.”

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