Creepy or extraordinary, here are 10 craziest abandoned places in the world!

The Island of Dolls, Xochimilco (Mexico)

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A  World Heritage Site (located next to Mexico City is a very well preserved testimony of the life Azteca), Xochimilco became famous on the Internet thanks to the Isla de las Munecas, “Island Dolls “! Hidden in the heart of countless canals that roam the area, this site is known for hundreds of dolls – or pieces of dolls – hung on trees and scattered in the grass. Despite its horror-movie look, this Chinampa (a small artificial island) served as a residence for Julian Santa Barrera, a Mexican farmer who died today. After finding a corpse of a little girl in one of the canals around the island, Julian Barrera decided to scatter toys all over the island, to repel the evil spirits.

Today, the most daring souls can still rent a boat, convince their driver to go for a walk near the island and observe from the water this  decrepit house and dolls that sway like hangs at the end of the day.

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