11 Insane Hollywood Divorce Settlements You Wouldn't Believe

by Ellie

You see celebrities who tend to have it all: the fancy cars, big mansions, more cars, yachts, and that's all at their vacation home. But when the cat's litter box hits the fan, things also get quite messy. What would have been an ordinary divorce settlement is now a long tedious process for those with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets. For some, they lost much more than just money!



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James Cameron and Linda Hamilton

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The iconic filmmaker and his wife split up in 1999. When it was all over, James handed Linda a cool $50 million!


Michael and Juanita Jordan

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Being married to the greatest basketball player to ever live definitely has its upside, but divorcing him is even sweeter. Juanita walked away from that marriage with $168 million back in 2007.


David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach

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When David Hasselhoff and his wife split up, she actually won the rights to his nicknames “Hoff” and “Malibu Dave,” as well as the catchphrase “Don't Hassel the Hoff.”


Madonna and Guy Ritchie

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When Madonna decided to leave her filmmaking hubby, she quickly realized just how much of a dent it would leave in her wallet. Apparently the entire divorce cost somewhere between $70 and $90 million!

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