Thumbs Up


A positive reaction some would say? Well not in the Middle East, Australia or Greece. A thumbs up there basically is the equivalent of giving someone the middle finger in the US.


Grouping Your Fingers


We are all familiar with this gesture, but its meaning changes from region to region. Different countries all have different meanings for it! Egypt means you're asking for a bit more time, similar like in Congo where you're asking for more of something. In Turkey it actually is a sign to express the feeling of beauty, but while in Italy it comes off as "What do you want?"


Shaking Hands


In China, it is a custom to avoid eye contact while shaking hands, and in Brazil, you are expected to do the opposite. In some European countries like France, a handshake is also accompanied by a double air kiss. Be careful using these correctly or you could come off as very rude!


The Chin Flick


This gesture is considered rude and dismissive and will not be appreciated by your surroundings. So in countries like France, Belgium, and Italy, I would highly avoid this gesture.

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