13 Superimposed Photos Show How Far London Has Come Since World War II

by Ellie / September 29, 2016

In memory of the 75th anniversary of the London bombings in the World War II, a series of images were created various creatives superimposing the before and after images. London had faced its share of aftermath during the WWII and these pictures show the massive transformation that has occured since. 


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It was during the WWII that the Blitz happened. It was a bombing campaign carried out by the Germans in Britain.

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These images were mainly made to pay respect and to commemorate the anniversary of the bombings.

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In the period stretching between September 1940 to May 1941, London faced as many as 71 attacks and it was bombed for 57 consecutive nights!

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Almost 40,000 citizens died as more than 100 tons of explosives were used in over 16 cities in Britain.

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