14 Ridiculous Purchases Made By Super Rich Celebrities

by Melanie

In developing countries, many people come from humble beginning to find incredible success along the way. They knew the market and how to fine tune their business but when it came to their fortune however, many were clueless on how to spend it. One billionaire in China bought a mega-yacht because he was told billionaires needed a yacht. "He never spent much time on it except to fish off it every now and then." said the owner of the dock where the vessel has sat this entire time. 

Needless to say, these celebrities certainly don't have this problem... Is something too cheap and affordable? Just make it out of 24k gold and embed some diamonds, problem solved!





Beyonce: $100,000 Gold Leggings

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When you're Queen B, it's only fitting your leggings have to be gold.


Bono: $1700 Plane Ticket ...for his hat.

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Bono may be a mega celebrity, but he is clearly a frugal man who values his money. Rather than chartering a private jet, Bono simply buys a basic first-class plane ticket to fly it home.


Nicolas Cage: $276,000 Dinosaur Skull

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When it comes to exuberant purchases, it certainly isn't Mr. Cage's first time at the rodeo! Outbidding Leonardo DiCaprio might have been the real prize when you're a competitive A-Lister. Double win.


Soulja Boy: $250,000 Diamond-encrusted Remote Control Car Necklace

Thumb huge soulja boy lamborghini chain

I suppose when you have a real Lamborghini, what else are you supposed to buy?

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