Paris Hilton: $325,000 Dog House

Thumb huge paris hilton may hire nanny for new pomeranian puppy

Air conditioning, heating, mini furniture, and a tiny chandelier all built inside a miniature replica of Ms. Hilton's own house. #thatdoglife


Celine Dion: $1 Million Humidifier

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Las Vegas is obviously very dry so most people own humidifiers. When you're Celine Dion, you simply don't own a humidifier... you own THE humidifier, encrusted with gold and crystals of course.


Jay-Z & Beyonce: $1 Million Mercedes Van

Thumb huge paltrow birthday 12oct12 28

What happens when you're on a road trip and you need to shower? If you're Jay-Z or Beyonce, you go in the shower in your van... As simple as that!


Michael Vick: $85,000 Fish Pond

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Custom fish pond that costs more than some people's entire homes? At least he wasn't organizing fish fights...

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