Donald Trump: $100 Million Plane

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Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, owns a Boeing 757 that can set up to 230 people and features a 52-inch TV inside. Rumor has it that everything that could've been gold-plated has been gold-plated.


Mike Tyson: $2 Million Gold Bathtub

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Tyson's wife, Robin Givens, wanted a gold bathtub. All married men knows, what wife wants is what wife gets.


Tamara Ecclestone: $1.5 Million Crystasl Bathtub

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Photo Credit: Telegraph

Carved out of Amazonian crystal, the daughter of the head of F1 racing had this very exquisite tub installed at her home.


Lady Gaga: $50,000 Ghost Detection Machine

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Photo Credit: Gawker

Having believed a ghost named Ryan was haunting her home, she had a custom built electromagnetic ghost detector to see when he is in the room with her.

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