15 Demanding Actors Everybody Hated Working With

by Kai

You can't be a big star without a big personality as some may say. While these 15 celebrities are well-known and beloved around the world for their featured shows and films, what happens off-camera is a much different story. Reports and rumors from their co-stars of their antics on set have led their film and camera crews to hate working with them. No matter how famous they may be, it doesn't fly everywhere. 





Val Kilmer.

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Val Kilmer is rumored to be rude on set, hostile and is supposedly only getting worse as time goes on.


Charlie Sheen.

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His drug addiction cost him his place on the show Two and a Half Men, which was actually created with Charlie Sheen in mind.


William Shatner.

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The beloved actor – who is best known for his role as Captain Kirk – isn’t so beloved by those that have worked with the actor. He is notorious for simply walking off set and straight up refusing to work when he didn’t feel like it.


Mel Gibson.

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No one would argue that this man is seriously talented as both director and actor. However, the director has become increasingly more temperamental on set.

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