16 Celebrity Accidents Where They Almost Died

by Ellie

Your favorite movies and TV shows may be all fun and games with explosions and highly choreographed action scenes, but these shoots are often quite dangerous. While not everybody here had their life at risk on set, these 16 moments are still shocking. 



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Michael J. Fox

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In the scene from Back to the Future 3 where he was hung from a noose, there was a miscalculation with the knot. It actually chocked him and he passed out for more than 30 seconds before someone noticed and cut him down. Thankfully, it wasn't longer and he was okay.


Charlize Theron

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During a shoot for Aeon Flux, Charlize landed abruptly on her neck while performing a back flip. Paramedics on site said she almost broke her neck and herniated the disk between her third and fourth vertebrae potentially being a critically serious injury.



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Struggling with the challenges in his life, Marshall Mathers eventually had a drug overdose that almost killed him. Thankfully, that life changing incident also drove him to come clean ever since.


Joaquin Phoenix

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After a stint in rehab, Phoenix unluckily got into a serious car accident, wherein his car flipped over several times. He said that while he was trapped in the car with no way to see, he heard a man's voice telling him to "just relax." He responded that he was relaxed, and the man said, "No, you're not." The mystery man also prevented him from lighting a cigarette, which may have caused an explosion. The biggest twist? The man in question was director Werner Herzog.

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