18 Very Tricky Ways To Sneak In Your Favorite Beverages

by Andrew / October 17, 2016

Sometimes you either need to bring some booze into a place that doesn't allow it, or other times alcohol prices are just WAY too expensive (we're looking at you sports arenas). So here are some of the best ways to bring just a little bit of that happy juice to those events that need to be spiced up a little bit!


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Well this is the best thing invented since sliced bread. These tiny pocket shots can fit ever so snug in a pocket.

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Not many women would want to pull off the beer belly, so here's the beer bra!

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If you are willing to throw your vanity to the wind, then this beer belly wine sack will suit you nicely.

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This hoodie has all of the pockets, all of them. The security staff can’t possibly find all of the hidden alcohol. This is a good investment.

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