20 Camping Hacks That'll Make You Look Like An Outdoor Genius

by Melanie

I know I sure take my daily luxuries for granted every time I venture out to camp. Going from your home full of utensils, supplies, clothing, and condensing it down to a small bag can be challenging and you know you most likely forgot something as well! Here are 20 hacks that will make your camping and outdoor life much much easier! 



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Cooking at the campfire

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Wrap your meat and vegetables in cabbage. This will prevent them from burning and also helps retain the natural juices in your meat!


Toilet paper holder

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Put your toilet paper into any plastic can, slice the side open and you have your own toilet paper holder! Also protects against moisture and keeps them nice and crisp.


Single use soap leaves

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Don't want to carry around your big bar of soap then handle it's wet slipperyness afterwards? Use a vegetable skin peeler to peel slices of bar soap. Can also be used on mosquito and other bug bites to relieve itches.

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