25 Facts So Ludacris You'd Feel Like You Were Just Born Into This World

by Andrew

If you knew more than half of the things posted in this thread below, you should sign up for Jeopardy right now, because you may be a genius when it comes to knowing completely useless and bizarre facts! We're about to show you 25 of some of the most useless and bizarre information out there. So read up, and try to remember a few the next time you need to drop some facts like they're hot!



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If you have an itch on your left side, you can satisfy the itchiness by standing in front of a mirror and scratching the same spot on the right side!

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There is an actual law in the US called the Guano Island Act that allows any US citizen to take over an unclaimed island. The only rules for it that there must be a seabird or bat feces on it!

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"Honeymoon" actually is an old Medieval tradition. It let newly married couples avoid social responsibility for 1 moon (28 days) and they gave them all the mead that they wanted. Can we bring this back?!

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Old Bicycle Cards were once made to send to American prisoners of war in German camps. They sent them as gifts, but if you wet the ends and peeled them apart, they revealed sections of a map to help the prisoners escape!

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