30 Brilliant Life Hacks You Can Use Today

by Andrew / November 18, 2016

Want to learn some quick and easy life hacks that are easy to do, low cost and saves you time? You’re in luck. We have collected some of the mots practical life hacks into this one list that is easy to digest because they’re all images! By tweaking little things, it can make your life much easier. Enjoy!


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Freeze grapes to chill white wine

Thumb huge frozengrapechiller

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Freeze a few grapes so that you can chill down your white wine without watering it down!


Tennis ball holder

Thumb huge tennisballholder

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Use a tennis ball and cut a small slit into the middle of it. It now can hold many different objects! Add some eyes to it to make it a fun little person that now holds whatever you want in it's mouth!


Remove strawberry stems

Thumb huge strawberrystraw

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Use a straw and push through the bottom of a strawberry to remove those pesky stems!


Hammer nail magnet

Thumb huge hammergluemagnet

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Glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer so that you always have a few nails ready!