38 Actors Who Rejected Iconic Movie Roles. #9 Will Amaze You

by Kai

Ever given the opportunity of a lifetime and turned it down? Well, these actors turned down the most iconic roles that have ever been offered. Luckily their careers seemed to play out just fine, but could imagine turning down some of these iconic films? They have to have some sort of regret.





Eminem & Matt Damon In Avatar

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Eminem was actually Neill Blomkamp’s first choice to play the Elysium character, but the rapper turned the role down when the director wouldn’t film it in Detroit. He wasn’t the only one to turn down the role; Matt Damon turned down the role to Sam Worthington.


Jack Nicholson In Godfather

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The now-classic mafia film in 1972 offered the role to many big names in the business as Paramount reportedly thought the project to be a risky venture and they wanted a more established star to play the lead. Apart from Nicholson, Robert Redford, Ryan O’Neal, and Dustin Hoffman were all offered the role, but they each declined. Al Pacino accepted it, and it became one of the best performances in movie history.


Christopher Walken In Star Wars

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Star Wars creator, George Lucas originally didn’t want to give the role to Harrison Ford because of Indiana Jones – he really disliked the idea of reusing actors from his previous films. Another reason why he also initially hesitated when casting Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars. However, the original pick for the nerf herder was Christopher Walken.

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