42 Clever Costume Ideas For This Halloween - 2016 Edition

by Andrew

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you haven't thought about your Halloween costume you may just not have enough time to pull it off. We've gathered some of the funniest and easiest costumes to pull off last minute, so you can still be remembered without having to break the bank. If you enjoy a good pun, stay tuned for some of the funniest Halloween costumes for 2016!



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Ice Ice Baby!

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To start off this pun game we're going a little oldschool with some Vanilla Ice. Feel free to use a baby doll, or if you're a new parent use your real kid!


Snap Chat Logo

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If you want that new 2016 feel to the age old "sheet ghost" just throw up a yellow backdrop and now you're a snapchat logo!


John Snow White

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Are you an adult, but consider yourself part child? Do you love puns? This is the costume for you. Show everyone you watch Game of Thrones, but throwback to your childhood days by adding a Disney princess as well.


Lost Puppy

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The age old cartoon scenario of a woman losing her dog after sitting on it. This costume may be confusing when people looking at you from the front or back, but when they finally get the profile view, it'll be worth the laughs.

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