Nickel Back

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Everyone's favorite band now in pun form! Just glue a few nickels onto an old undershirt and you've got one of the most creative costumes at the party (mostly because of the Nickelback jokes) and it literally costs a few cents!


Fluffy and Harry

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This one takes a bit of work, but if you just take 2 stuffed animal dogs and throw the heads on your own pooch you have Fluffy from everyone's favorite Harry Potter! Seriously, will Harry Potter ever get old?


Cereal Killer

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Maybe not your best bet if you're going out for a night of bar hopping (I doubt a large knife would be allowed most public places), but if you're just crashing a friend's party then "Cereal Killer" is unique and SUPER easy to pull off.


50 Shades of Grey

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Grab some paint samples from your local Home Depot and a couple finger paints and you have this hilarious costume. Just make sure that you actually pick 50, you know there will be that 1 friend who actually counts.

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