7 Pieces of Evidence That Prove Being Tall Can Be Extremely Painful

X1x4t8a by Melanie

Being tall might appear to be every person's wish when you see tall celebrities in Hollywood. But the practicality is far from optimal. Here are seven pieces of evidence that prove just that. 

# 1 Ceilings Are Always Too Low

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Apparently whoever builds houses hates tall people. Ceilings are never quite big enough for those larger dudes.

# 2 Umbrellas Are A Safety Hazard

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Umbrellas are one of the most annoying things in the world for tall guys. Walking down the street, there is a constant fear that one of those little points is gonna poke will poke their eyes out.

# 3 You Can't Fit Inside Most Cars

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Most cars aren't big enough for tall people, and they have to sit with the roof jamming into their heads. Small, foreign cars are even worse.

# 4 Public Transit Is A Nightmare

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Tall guys hate buses and trains, they're just not designed for tall people. Also, people always seem to get pissed at you just for being tall.

# 5 Airplanes Are A Terrible Experience

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Airplanes are tall people's worst nightmare, especially those long-distance flights. No matter how you sit, you're legs are too long.

# 6 Baths Don't Work

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No baths are really big enough when you're tall. No matter how you sit, you always end up feeling uncomfortable.

# 7 People Think They Can Jump On Your Back

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Just because you're tall, it doesn't mean you're strong. People seem to jump on your back all the time when you're tall.