Beware: 10 Hazardous Trees You Don't Want In Your Backyard

by Melanie

We often associate nature and the color green with clean, fresh, pure, and natural but when it comes to the trees in your backyard, some trees you definitely want to stay away. From trees that release toxic chemicals to others that easily damage property, here are 10 you should stay away from.



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Black Walnut Tree

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The willow is a beautiful tree often used to make quality furniture, but it has a lesser known dark side. They release a chemical called juglone which is toxic to many other plants. Juglone is produced mainly in the roots and in the nuts. Research shows when eaten by animals, they experience intense discomfort.


Bradford Pears Tree

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The Bradford is native to China and Vietnam and first came to America in 1964. While beautiful to look at, this is something you want to avoid if you value a clean backyard. These trees are so delicate, any excess wind will tip off large branches damaging and scratching your property. Not the mention the consistent mess it will make in addition.


Ginkgo Trees

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Ginkgo trees are also stunning and beautiful to look at, but you may want to steer clear of the female ginkgo. Their fruit smells like vomit and is certainly not something you would want to greet your guests with.


Ash Trees

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Unlike the others, there is actually nothing wrong with the ash tree. However in recent years, tens of millions of ash trees have been destroyed by emerald ash borer beetles and that trend doesn't seem to be slowing. If you want a long-lasting tree, this one probably is not it.

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