15 Bizarre Aircraft You'd Never Believe Were Real

by Ellie

From flying cars to vertical take-off planes, what people think of as futuristic was actually invented and built decades ago. But then again, with all the other crazy ideas people came up with when it came to flying, a few were bound to stick around today. Here are 15 aircraft designs many people won't believe are actually real. 



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Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster

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This looks like a more modern bomber, but with a twist. The propellers are in the back! Built in 1944, this was designed for speed and it was quite successful for its time.


Vought v-173

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This ridiculous looking flying pancake was built by the US Navy in 1942 as an experimental fighter. What experiments this design could be testing, the public may never know.


Blohm & Voss BV 141

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For those who appreciate symmetry, this is not one of those planes. Famous for its very unconventional design, needless to say, it did not stand the test of time.


Convair Model 118

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The world's first flying car, built in 1946 by Convair was intended to be for mainstream use. Clearly it never caught on for safety reasons that, to this day, has yet to be solved.

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