This Is What Happened To Octomom Since Her Moment Of Fame

by Ellie

You may have had many memories of 2009 and whether Octomom is still one of them or not, she certainly had her moment of fame. Nadya Suleman was the first women to give birth to the first set of octuplets to ever survive birth! Since her time in the spotlight, a lot has changed. Some of this you never would've believed!



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Remember Octomom? Nadya was world famous for being the first women to give birth to octuplets in 2009 after undergoing in vitro fertilization.

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EIGHT. She gave birth to EIGHT babies. If you ever thought one kid was bad enough. Imagine that x 8.


Not only did she give birth to eight babies, it was the first time in history for all eight to actually survive!

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The 1998 Chukwu octuplets came close, but one died a week after birth.

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