Enfield Horror

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The legend of the Enfield Horror, Illinois’ mythical monster began in 1973, when a young Greg Garrett was attacked while playing in his backyard. The description gave by Greg did not match the description of a person nor did it of any known animals, at least not in Illinois’. The beast has been described as having three legs, standing about five feet tall, talon-like arms similar to that of a T-rex and bright red eyes, that cut through the darkness like lasers.


Nobody Believed Doris Bither

Thumb huge paranormal stories that are beyond creepy ocubee  10

Doris was a drunk who abused her children because she herself was abused as a child. Though everything changed when paranormal investigators watched her struggle with the "beings" she claimed haunted her. Doris began cursing uncontrollably at the “beings”, claiming there were three separate entities attacking her. Suddenly a mysterious green mist began swirling around Doris. One of the investigators fainted and the others ran in fear and to this day no one truly knows what happened.

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