8 Mysterious things that have baffled scientists for years

The object under the ear of the great Sphinx of Egypt

8 Mysterious stories that have baffled scientists for years

Look closely and you will see a rock blocking a hole just below the ear of the Giza Sphinx in Egypt. What is hidden behind there? Well, archaeologists are still trying to find out but a Russian claims that it hides something revolutionary. He claims that in his past life, he was a soldier in mars and frequently visited Egypt and that’s why he knows what is behind there.

This story may seem whimsical but there is no point in challenging the fact that there is something hidden under the Sphinx’s right ear. In addition, there is a 19th century drawing showing people at the top of the monument’s head, entering through a second entrance inside the Sphinx. Archaeologists claim that there is no way to get inside the Sphinx because every time they tried, either it was blocked or it was flooded. We will have to wait a little longer to find out more.

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