These 13 people became millionaires thanks to one single and simple idea

Joe Pellettieri

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This boom, Big Mouth Billy Bass, which decorates the walls of a lot of people, was invented by Joe Pellettieri in 1998. It is fixed to a wooden board, and when it is started, she sings songs while moving the mouth and tail. Billy’s repertoire includes several songs, and has become a kind of element of mass culture: you can even see it in several movies.

Gary Clegg. Cover with sleeves.

Gary has solved all the problems for all those who do not want to go out, the winter, the arms of their blankets. He has, in fact, invented a blanket with sleeves. In 2005, the company Slanket was created. She sold millions of polar blankets “Slanket”, at 35 dollars each. You can order one of the color of your choice by going to their official website.

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